Environmental Horticulture
Science and Management of Green Landscapes

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Published: April 2016  

Publisher: CABI
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Series: Modular Texts Series
Environmental horticulture--also referred to as landscape horticulture and amenity horticulture--is the umbrella term for the horticulture that we encounter in our daily lives. This includes parks, botanic gardens, sports facilities, landscape gardens, roundabouts, cemeteries, shopping centers--any public space which has grass, planting and trees.

This book reflects contemporary thinking and is supported by scientific evidence to show the role, value and application of horticulture in the landscape. The discipline of environmental horticulture, its importance and impact on the wider environment is explored in the first part, while the second part covers practical horticultural management of different categories of environmental horticulture.

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction to Environmental Horticulture: Issues and Future
2. Environmental Horticulture: Benefits and Impacts
3. Green Space and Well-Being
4. Environmental Horticulture and Conservation of Biodiversity
5. Landscape Trees, Shrubs and Woody Climbing Plants
6. Herbaceous Plants and Geophytes
7. Semi-Natural Grasslands and Meadows
8. Bedding and Annual Flowering Plants
9. Lawns and Sports Turf
10. New Green Space Interventions – Green Walls, Green Roofs and Rain Gardens
11. Interior Landscapes

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