David Harrison
David Harrison is a sociologist/anthropologist of development and has spent two decades teaching sociology at Sussex University in the UK and later taught for nine years at the University of the South Pacific and for ten years at London Metropolitan University, before going to Middlesex University in 2014. His basic approach to development issues emerged in his single-authored text The Sociology of Modernization and Development (1988), and he went on to edit numerous books on tourism, including Tourism and the Less Developed Countries (1992), Tourism and the Less Developed World (2001) and Pacific Island Tourism (2003), and co-editor of many others, including The Politics of World Heritage (with Michael Hitchcock (2005), and Tourism in Pacific Islands (with Stephen Pratt) (2015). He has also written numerous papers in refereed journals and chapters in books on tourism and development. A Fellow of the International Academy for the Study of Tourism, David imbued the sociological perspective when an undergraduate and since then has been fascinated by social behavior in different societies. Since the late 1980's, his key research interests have been the global role of tourism as a development tool, with particular reference to tourism's economic, social and cultural impacts. He has carried out research in the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Southern Africa, South-east Asia and the South Pacific.
Books by David Harrison :
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Published: July 2017 

Issues and Case Studies
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Published: October 2001 

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