Forthcoming Books
African Studies
Civil Society, Government & Public Service; Environment & Sustainability; Participation & Capacity Building

Agribusiness; Agricultural Policy; Crop Production; Pest Control

Animal & Veterinary Science
Animal Production & Genetics; Animal Welfare & Behavior; Aquaculture / Fisheries; Entomology; Veterinary Medicine

Anthropology & Sociology

Built Environment & Urban Studies
Urban Studies

Business & Economics
Management / Teams/ Leadership; Marketing / Public Relations

Environment & Conservation
Biodiversity & Conservation; Climate Change; Ecotourism; Globalization & International Relations; Policy, Regulation & Management; Public Health & the Environment ; Strategic Environmental Assessment; Sustainable Development; Wildlife & Animal Welfare

Food Safety & Production


Gender Studies

Health & Medicine

Higher Education
Teaching & Learning

International Development
Agriculture, Forestry & Animal Husbandry; Civil Society & NGOs; Development Policy & Issues; Food Processing, Food Security; Globalization; Governance & Administration; Participation & Capacity Building; Participation and Partnerships; Rural & Urban Development ; Sustainability & Development Economics

Irish Studies
Women's Studies

Marine & Freshwater Science
Aquaculture, Fisheries & Fishing


Plant Science / Horticulture
Botany; Horticulture; Plant Breeding, Genetics & Biotechnology

Politics & International Studies
Environmental Issues; Globalization & Economics

Public Health
Human Nutrition & Food Science; Policy, Legislation & Regulation; Statistics, Reference & Research

Tourism Studies