Tourism and Animal Welfare

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Published: July 2018  

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This book addresses the issue of animal welfare within the tourism experience. The first part explores the meaning of animal welfare and its relation to ethics, animal rights, and human obligations to animals. It also explores the nature and diversity of the position and role of animals within tourism.

Part Two builds upon concepts and ideas and reflects the views of a variety of animal welfare organizations and individual leaders, tourism industry organizations, tourism operators, and academic experts, about the nature of the tourism industry, the welfare needs of animals, and whether or how the two can co-exist. The case studies and opinion pieces that constitute this section encompass differing perspectives on animal welfare and tourism.

With contributions from Jane Goodall, Founder - the Jane Goodall Institute and UN Messenger of Peace.

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction

Part 1. A conceptual and historical foundation
2. Animal sentience, ethics, and welfare
3. The position of animals in tourism
4. Animal welfare and tourism: are the aims mutually exclusive or potentially inclusive?

Part 2. Tales from the front line: Animal welfare organisations and animal tourism providers
5. Public Aquariums in the 21st Century – what’s next, before it’s too late?
6. A tale of two zoos: Tourism and zoos in the 21st century
7. A Comparison of tourism and food-provisioning among wild bottlenose dolphins at Monkey Mia and Bunbury, Australia
8. The tourism industry and shark welfare
9. Tourism, wildlife conservation and animal welfare
10. Managing tourism’s animal footprint
11. Elephants and tourism
12. Lessons from Winnie-the-Pooh: How responsible bear tourism can teach us respect and compassion, and benefit bears
13. Donkeys and mules and tourism
14. Cats and dogs international
15. Animal welfare – driving improvements in tourism attractions
16. Animal welfare and tourism: the threat to endangered species
17. Sport hunting tourism
18. Ethical hunting

Part 3: The future and moving forward together
19. The future and moving forward together

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Reviews & Endorsements:
"This test is long overdue and timely. Carr and Broom have placed the issues firmly in the broader context of the relationship between our species and the others which share this planet with us....As they argue it is possible for tourists and the travel and tourism sector to take and exercise responsibility to drive change, Carr and Broom's text helps us to understand the issues and the context and to make better-informed choices."
- Harold Goodwin, Responsible Tourism Partnership