Tourism, Health, Wellbeing and Protected Areas

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Published: June 2018  

Publisher: CABI
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Around the world, as societies embrace a more integrated view of health, there is mounting evidence that parks and protected areas contribute to a healthy civil society. Outdoor recreation and tourism play an important role in individual human mental, physical, and spiritual health as well as in collective social wellbeing and natural resource stewardship.

While tourism and outdoor recreation revenue help to make the case for investing in park and protected area designation and management, tourism impacts need to be carefully managed so that visitors don't destroy the very natural wonders that attracted them to a destination in the first place.

This book features contributions from tourism and recreation researchers and practitioners exploring the relationship between tourism, hospitality, protected areas, livelihoods and both physical and emotional human wellbeing. The book will include sections focused on theory, policy and practice, and case studies.

· Showcases best/worst case examples and good practice for park and protected area tourism development
· Multi-disciplinary approach to the study of nature-based tourism
· Innovative approaches in collaborative work including SME within protected destinations

Table of Contents:
1: Introduction: Tourism, Health and Wellbeing and Protected Environments

PART 1: Tourism, Protected Areas, Health and Wellbeing
2: The European Protected Areas Approach to Organizing Ecotourism. A Study of Benchmark Protected Areas
3: Tourism, Wellbeing and Cultural Ecosystem Services. A Case Study of Orség National Park, Hungary
4: Sustainable Tourism in Natural Protected Areas: The Points of View of Hosts and Guests In Sila National Park
5: Wellness Tourism as a Complementary Activity in Saltpans Regeneration
6: A Model for Developing Evidence-Based Health Tourism. The Case of "Alpine Health Region Salzburg, Austria"
7: Participatory Location-Based Learning and ICT as Tools to Increase International Reputation of a Wellbeing Destination in Rural Areas: A Case Study
8: Exploring how Medical Voluntourism Contributes to Health and Wellbeing in Haiti

PART TWO: Health and Wellbeing, Protected Areas and Tourism
9: The Interrelationship Between Place Symbolism, Memory and Voluntary Income Schemes (VIS): The ‘Stick up for Stanage’ Campaign
10: The Visitor: Connecting Health, Wellbeing and the Natural Environment
11: Reinventing Coastal Health Tourism Through Lifestyle Sports. The Complexities of Kiteboarding in Practice
12: Revitalizing Rural Communities in Costa Rica Through Sustainable Tourism
13: Experiencing a Watersports Holiday as Part of a Rehabilitation Trajectory: Identifying the Salutogenic Mechanisms
14: The Potential Role of Public Aquarian Human Health and WellBeing
15: Health Effects of Recreation Vehicle Noise: Laboratory Evidence for Mood and Heart Rate
16: A Dynamic View of Visitors: The Impact of Others on Recreation and Restorative Nature Experiences
17: Concluding Remarks

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