Sustainable Bamboo Development

Cloth: 978 1 78639 401 9 / $175.00
Published: April 2018  

Publisher: CABI
320 pp., 6 3/4" x 9 3/5"
table & color illus
This book presents over 40 cases of bamboo development from across 22 major bamboo-industry countries and explores the knowledge gained from their successes and failures. It synthesizes experiences and exchanges with country experts from international training courses, study tours, and seminars. Each case includes detailed observations and summaries of discussions related to the development of bamboo-based industries in a healthy, sustainable way to facilitate the strategic and balanced development of the bamboo sectors in different global regions. Industrial and artisanal bamboo growing and processing is expanding worldwide, and this book collates key experiences to inform future developments.

Sustainable Bamboo Development:
- Is authored by an internationally recognized leading expert in the growth and use of bamboo
- Takes a holistic view, covering all aspects of development including technical, socio-economic, policy, cultural, and business development
- Provides practical knowledge to guide the development of bamboo sectors
- Gives a clear idea and rich examples of what has been attempted in many countries
- Acts as a road map for using bamboo as a poverty reduction and environmental security tool

Highly illustrated and presented in full color throughout, this book is an essential resource for private sector investors, governmental and development agencies, and academic researchers and students who are all interested in bamboo.

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. The Contribution of Bamboos to Human Beings is Far More Than Is Imagined
3. Key Issues Affecting the Sustainable Development of the Bamboo Sector
4. Develop or Create a Featured Bamboo Industry According to Local Conditions

Annex 1. Abstract of the Development Plan for China’s Bamboo Industries (2013–2020)
Annex 2. Report on a Chinese Consultancy for The Bamboo Company in Vietnam