Maize Kernel Development

Cloth: 978 1 78639 121 6 / $160.00
Published: January 2018  

Publisher: CABI
240 pp., 6 3/4" x 9 3/5"
This authoritative book acts as a guide to understanding maize kernel development. Written by a team of experts, it covers topics spanning pre- and post-fertilization events, embryo and endosperm development, grain filling and maturation, and factors influencing crop yield. It explores the significance of maize and other cereal grains, existing hypotheses and research, and important gaps in our knowledge and how we might fill them. This is a valuable resource for researchers of maize and other cereals, and anyone working on basic or applied science in the fields of seed development, plant genetics, and crop physiology.

Table of Contents:
1: Kernel Evolution: From Teosinte to Maize
2: Gametophyte Interactions Establishing Maize Kernel Development
3: Endosperm Development and Cell Specialization
4: What Can We Learn from Maize Kernel Mutants?
5: The Basal Endosperm Transfer Layer (BETL): Gateway to the Maize Kernel
6: Aleurone
7: Embryo Development
8: Embryo-Endosperm-Sporophyte Interactions in Maize Seeds
9: Aneuploidy and Ploidy in the Endosperm: Dosage, Imprinting and Maternal Effects on Development
10: Cell Cycle and Cell Size during Maize Seed Development: Current Understanding and Challenging Questions
11: Central Metabolism and Its Spatial Heterogeneity in Maize Endosperm
12: Starch Biosynthesis in Maize Endosperm
13: Maize Kernel Oil Content
14: Maize Seed Storage Proteins
15: Determinants of Maize Kernel Sink Strength
16: Natural Variation in Maize Kernel Size: A Resource for Discovering Biological Mechanisms
17: Effect of Drought Stress on Maize Kernel Set