Legumes in Cropping Systems

Cloth: 978 1 78064 498 1 / $140.00
Published: June 2017  

Publisher: CABI
270 pp., 6 3/4" x 9 3/5"
full-color illus
Based on contributions from members of the Legumes Future research consortium, in addition to those working outside of the project, this book acts as a complete and coherent overarching review of legume research. The authors describe current knowledge relating to the use of legumes in cropping systems, in addition to looking towards future research including challenges and opportunities. In each chapter the authors provide insight into the relevant literature to help support understanding and provide insight into the underlying processes that influence cropping system development.

Presented in full-color throughout, this book includes coverage of:
* Intercropping with legumes and cereals
* Legumes as a primary protein source
* Crop protection progress
* Policy issues

Written by an international team of expert authors, this book is an invaluable resource for researchers in agronomy and crop sciences, agricultural professionals and economists, and policymakers and advisors.

Table of Contents:
1: Introduction – Perspectives on Legume Production and Use in European Agriculture
2: The Role of Legumes in Bringing Protein to the Table
3: Nitrogen and Phosphorus Losses from Legume-supported Cropping
4: Legume Crops and Biodiversity
5: Grain Legumes: an Overview
6: Lupins in European Cropping Systems
7: Developing Soy Production in Central and Northern Europe
8: Legume-based Green Manure Crops
9: White Clover Supported Pasture-based Systems in North-west Europe
10: Red Clover in Cropping Systems
11: Lucerne (Alfalfa) in European Cropping Systems
12: Mixtures of Legumes for Forage Production
13: Introducing Legumes into European Cropping Systems: Farm-level Economic Effects
14: Optimizing Legume Cropping: the Policy Questions
15: Developing Legume Cropping: Looking Forward