Plant Stress Physiology
Edition: 2

Edited by Sergey Shabala
Cloth: 978 1 78064 729 6 / $160.00
Published: March 2017  

Publisher: CABI
376 pp., 6 3/4" x 9 3/5"
figures, tables & color photos
Completely updated from the successful first edition, this book provides a timely update of the recent progress in our knowledge of all aspects of plant perception, signalling, and adaptation to a variety of environmental stresses. The text covers in detail areas such as drought, salinity, waterlogging, oxidative stress, pathogens, and extremes of temperature and pH.

This second edition of Plant Stress Physiology:
- Presents detailed, up-to-date research on plant responses to a wide range of stresses
- Includes new, full-colour figures to illustrate the principles outlined in the text
- Is written in a clear and accessible format with descriptive abstracts for each chapter

Written by an international team of experts, this book provides researchers with a better understanding of the major physiological and molecular mechanisms facilitating plant tolerance to adverse environmental factors. It is an essential resource for researchers and students of ecology, plant biology, agriculture, agronomy, and plant breeding.

Table of Contents:
1: Drought Tolerance in Crops: Physiology to Genomics
2: Salinity Stress: Physiological Constraints and Adaptive Mechanisms
3: Reactive Oxygen Species and Their Role in Plant Oxidative Stress
4: Plant Responses to Chilling Temperatures
5: High Temperature Stress in Plants: Consequences and Strategies for Protecting Photosynthetic Machinery
6: Flooding Tolerance in Plants
7: Adaptations to Aluminium Toxicity
8: Plant Stress under Non-optimal Soil pH
9: Desiccation Tolerance
10: UV-B Radiation: from Stressor to Regulatory Signal
11: Frost Tolerance and Avoidance in Plants
12: Heavy Metal Toxicity in Plants
13: Biotic Stress Signalling: Calcium Mediated Pathogen Defence Programs

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