Enabling Agri-entrepreneurship and Innovation
Empirical Evidence and Solutions for Conflict Regions and Transitioning Economies

Cloth: 978 1 78064 775 3 / $160.00
Published: March 2017  

Publisher: CABI
224 pp., 6 1/4" x 9 3/4"
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This book addresses agri-entrepreneurship in conflict and transitional regions, focusing on small agri-business and farms within communities where individuals face conflicts that impact their business growth cycle and economic security. Research on methods to enable entrepreneurship in these conflict regions is lacking, meaning that programs are developed for non-agricultural, non-conflict regions. The result is a sub-optimal program design and inefficient use of resources. A product of a collaboration between experts in agri-business, agricultural marketing, and international development, this book is a critical resource to those involved in promoting entrepreneurship in conflict areas.

Table of Contents:
1. Agri-entrepreneurs and Their Characteristics -- Pauline Sullivan

2. Comparing Agri-entrepreneurs in Non-Conflict Regions versus Conflict and Transitional Economies -- Pauline Sullivan

3 Agri-entrepreneurship Enabling Program Design in Conflict Regions for Youth Development: Best Practices and Lessons Learned -- Kathleen Liang and Tina Lee

4. A Capabilities Approach to Designing Agri-entrepreneurship Training Programs for Conflict-Affected Regions: the Case of Central Mindanao, Philippines -- Mary M. Pleasant and Rusyan Jill Mamiit

5. Measuring Youth Entrepreneurship Attributes: the Case of an Out-of-School Youth Training Program in Mindanao, Philippines -- Cynthia Lai, Catherine Chan, Domenico Dentoni and Elma Neyra

6. Coping Strategies for Youth Entrepreneurs in Conflict Areas -- Tina Lee, Katherine Wilson, Catherine Chan, Jovelyn Bantilan and Emilie Bayona

7. Allowing Entrepreneurs to Save Profits Is Important to Motivation, Sustainability and Resilience: Can All Cultures Support This? -- James R. Hollyer

8. Assessing Gender Gaps in Information Delivery for Better Farming Decisions: the Case of Albania -- Edvin Zhllima and Klodjan Rama

9. Is Marketing Intelligence Necessary in Conflict and Transitional Region Markets? -- Pauline Sullivan, Michelle Ortez and Lusille Mission

10. Urban Consumer Preferences for Food in Post-conflict Economies: the Case of Kosovo -- Maurizio Canavari, Drini Imami, Muje Gjonbalaj, Ekrem Gjokaj and Anera Alishani

11. Characterizing Farmer Innovation Behavior for Agricultural Technologies in Transitional Areas Facing Environmental Change -- Jacqueline Halbrendt and Bikash Paudel

12. Understanding Conservation Agriculture Adopter’s Information Network to Promote Innovation and Agricultural Entrepreneurship: the Case of Tribal Farmers in the Hill Region of Nepal -- Bikash Paudel, Katherine Wilson, Catherine Chan and Bir Bahadur Tamang


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