Handbook of Pest Management in Organic Farming

Cloth: 978 1 78064 499 8 / $290.00
Published: December 2017  

Publisher: CABI
576 pp., 6 3/4" x 9 3/5"
This book is an up-to-date and comprehensive reference covering pest management in organic farming in major crops of the world. General introductory chapters explore the management of crops to prevent pest outbreaks, plant protection tools in organic farming, and natural enemies and pest control. The remaining chapters are crop-based and discuss geographic distribution, economic importance and key pests. For each pest the fundamental aspects of its bio-ecology and the various methods of control are presented. Understanding of the scientific content is facilitated with practical advice, tables and diagrams, helping users to apply the theories and recommendations.

Handbook of Pest Management in Organic Farming:
- Consists of rational approaches and advice.
- Is authored by a team of international specialists in pest control.
- Represents the only available comprehensive review of insect pest management in organic systems.

This is an essential resource for researchers and extension workers in crop protection, integrated pest management and biocontrol, and organic farming systems.

Table of Contents:
1: Management of Crops to Prevent Pest Outbreaks
2: Plant Protection Tools in Organic Farming
3: Natural Enemies and Pest Control
4: Pest Control in Organic Citrus Groves
5: Pest Management in Organic Apple, Pear and Stone Fruit
6: Organic Integrated Pest Management of Tropical Fruit Crops
7: Pest Management in Organic Grape Production
8: Pest Management in Organic Olive
9: Control of Pests in Soybean in Organic Farming
10: Pest Management in Organic Chestnut
11: Pest Management in Organic Hazelnut Growing
12: Pest Management in Organic Almond
13: Pest Management in Organic Rice: Latin America and the Caribbean
14: Wheat Production in Organic Farming
15: Pest Management in Organic Vegetable Greenhouses
16: Pests and Natural Enemies in Organic Field Vegetables in Tropical and Subtropical Areas
17: Pest Management in Organic Field Vegetables in Temperate Areas
18: Pest Management in an Organic Tea Plantation
19: Insect Pests of Coffee and their Management in Nature-friendly Production Systems
20: Pest Management in Organic Cacao
21: Integrated Pest Management of Cassava Crops in South-east Asia