Destination Competitiveness, the Environment and Sustainability
Challenges and Cases

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Published: December 2015  

Publisher: CABI
232 pp., 6 3/4" x 9 3/5"
Series: CABI Tourism Management and Research Series
Destination competitiveness and sustainability are important issues for many stakeholders within the tourism industry. In recent years, destinations have faced some challenges with respect to maintaining sustainability; they must be cleaner, greener and safer in order to safeguard the life quality of holidaymakers and local residents.

Providing an invaluable review of the latest research on the topic, global case studies provide a perspective of the worldwide challenges and solutions arising in the management of tourism destinations. The analysis presents an interdisciplinary approach, including contributions of economists, geographers, managers and marketing professionals.

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction Andres Artal-Tur and Metin Kozak

Part I. Managing Destination Competitiveness
2. Tourism Destination Competitiveness and Innovation:The Case of the Spanish Mediterranean Coast Antonio Garcia Sanchez and David Siles Lopez
3. Destination Evaluation through the Prioritization of Competitiveness Pillars: The Case of Brazil Jose Manoel Gandara and Adriana Fumi Chim-Miki
4. Creativity and City Tourism Repositioning:The Case of Valencia, Spain Jose Maria Nacher Escriche and Paula Simo Tomas
5. Visual Semantics and Destination Competitiveness: The Case of Wedding Tourism in Mexico Gerardo Novo Espinosa de los Monteros and Maribel Osorio Garcia

Part II. Environmental and Climate Change Issues at Destinations
6. The Potential Effects of Climate Change on the Tourism Industry:A Study in Turkey Musa Pinar, Ibrahim Birkan, Gamze Tanil and Muzaffer Uysal
7. Using Tourism to Mitigate Against Climate Change: The Case of the Caribbean Kimberley Blackwood, Juley Wynter-Robertson and Nadine Valentine
8. Green Economy Practices in the Tourism Industry: The Case of Limpopo Province, South Africa Charles Nhemachena, Siyanda Jonas and Selma Karuaihe
9. Environmental Resources and the Hotel Industry: The Case of Slovenia Tanja Mihalic?
10. Ecological Modernization and Environmental Education:The Case of Turkey Habib Alipour and Hossein G.T. Olya

Part III. Improving Tourism Destination Sustainability
11. Understanding the Seasonal Concentration of Tourist Arrivals: The Case of the South of Spain Jose David Cisneros-Martinez and Antonio Fernandez-Morales
12. Tourism Policy and the Challenge of Seasonality: The Case of the Balearic Islands Margarita Alemany, Maria Antonia Garcia and Angela Aguilo
13. Expenditure and Stay Behaviour of Nature-based Visitors: The Case of Costa Rica Andres Artal-Tur and Antonio Juan Briones-Penalver
14. Socio-economic Profile of Sustainable Tourists and Expenditure at Destinations: A Local-based Analysis in Andalusia, Spain Pablo Juan Cardenas-Garcia and Juan Ignacio Pulido-Fernandez
15. Networking for Sustainable Cultural Tourism Activities and Dynamics: The Case of Oporto Ivana Stevic´c and Zelia Breda
16. Facing the Challenges of Sustainability: The Case of Bulgarian Tourism Mariya Stankova
17. Conclusion Andres Artal-Tur and Metin Kozak


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