Tourism Enterprise
Developments, Management and Sustainability

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Published: February 2015  

Publisher: CABI
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The environmental quality and popularity of any tourist destination is the outcome of sustained development, shaped by the socio-economic and physical dimensions of the local environment. Protecting the "living landscape" requires recognizing, promoting and developing the links between economic, social and environmental objectives. This book therefore examines the tourism business in terms of greening" the local economy, people and environment, establishing the green agenda and investigating its application to the tourism sector.

* Examines the route to sustaining the living landscape that lie in recognizing, promoting and developing the
linkages of economic, social and environmental objectives. It necessitates the examination of tourism in terms of greening three key elements -- local economy, local people and local environment.

* This text aims to establish the rise of the green agenda, its applicability to and the response of the tourism sector to this agenda.

* Utilizes of sources over the past thirty years to establish the issues, initiatives and responses by the tourism sector over time to support concluding discussion on progress and their effectiveness etc.

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. The Tourism Enterprises
3. Sustainable Supply Chain Management
4. Corporate Social Responsibility – The Wider Context of Environmental Performance
5. Resource Management and Operational Practices – Environmental Management Systems 6. Local Produce, Local Products
7. Guests, Tourists, Visitors
8. Access to the Destination and the Enterprise – The Transportation Factor
9. Enterprise Owners/Managers – Awareness, Perceptions and Attitudes
10. Conclusion

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Reviews & Endorsements:
"...impressively informed and informative. Very highly recommended as an essential addition to professional and academic library Tourism Development reference collections and supplemental studies."
- Jack Mason , Midwest Book Review
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